Are You Moving Soon? 5 Handy Tips for a Winter Move

We all know that July 1st is Canada Day, but here in Toronto, it is also unofficially called Moving Day – where you will find an abundance of U-Hauls and moving trucks being loaded and unloaded all across our fine city. However, it doesn’t always work out that your move to a new house (or your first home!) will occur in the summertime.

Here are some helpful guidelines you can refer to if you find yourself moving in the middle of winter:

  1. Dry It Off:
    Bring extra towels with you so that you can wipe off any snow or ice that falls onto your boxes or furniture in order to protect them from getting too wet and possibly ruined.
  2. Throw Some Salt:
    Bring a bag of sidewalk salt along with you so that you can properly create a safe passageway from your old house to the truck and then again to your new front door. Even professional movers will appreciate this tactic!
  3. Cover The Floors:
    To avoid damaging your new home’s hardwood or carpeted floors, put down some cardboard or industrial padding so that you and the people helping you move can travel in and out without ruining the floors.
  4. Warm Up From The Inside Out:
    If you have brought in your wonderful friends and/or a professional moving company to help you move in the snow and cold, they will surely appreciate a nice batch of hot chocolate or warm apple cider in between carrying loads. When you first arrive at your new place, heat up a batch of liquid warmth for your helpers, which will make the move that much easier.
  5. Electric Avenue:
    If you have multiple electrical devices, we suggest that you turn the heat up in one of the rooms and keep all electronics warm whilst you unpack the rest of the truck. This way, you will ensure that they are insulated and will be in fine working condition once you plug them in.

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