Need Help Buying A Home? Last Minute Mortgages Can Make That Happen

If you’ve been saving up money lately to buy a house, you’re more than likely aware that it is becoming very difficult to enter the Canadian housing market. First time homebuyers are now forced to find new and creative ways to find, purchase and finance their new homes.

That is where Last Minute Mortgages steps in.

By providing generous and ample funding towards your down payment, yearly property taxes and monthly home insurance, we will purchase a share in the future value of your home. We’re not a lender per se, but instead, we co-own in conjunction with you. And once you are living in your beautiful new home, we will offer our valuable knowledge, expertise and guidance – in order to help safeguard and increase your new home’s value, so that together we can share in the profits when it is eventually sold.

We manage a large pool of funds for numerous real estate investors and venture capitalists who would rather be your partner than your landlord. The objectives of all of our investors are uniquely aligned with your specific personal goals, and we know that successful homeownership on your part means a thriving investment in the long run for both parties involved.

Our financial venture only grows when yours does. When your home is ultimately sold, we allocate the returns to our shareholders, who are all earning a portion of the appreciation.

We are dedicated to helping you find, purchase and finance your dream home – one that you will not only love to live in, but that will also grow in value for many years to come.

Some conditions apply, OAC.

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