Buying Your First Home Is Truly An Exciting Experience!

And Last Minute Mortgages is here to help guide you through the entire process and secure your low-interest mortgage.

Purchasing a house is a thrilling milestone. Of course, the experience is even better when you have a trusted partner by your side. When that big day is finally here, a Last Minute Mortgages advisor will be that collaborative partner that will assess your home-buying goals; help you to understand which loan options are available for you; and keep you in the loop throughout every stage of the mortgage process.

When you partner with us, here are some of the steps that we will be taking together:

  1. Assess your home-buying goals.
  2. Provide personalized advice to meet those goals.
  3. Review your finances, income, and credit.
  4. Provide you with multiple loan options, tailored specifically to your unique situation.
  5. Navigate each step of the home-buying journey.
  6. Work with our internal teams to secure your loan, all the way through to approval & closing – and right up until the keys are in your hands.

Last Minute Mortgages will be there every step of the way – leaving you with ample time to find your dream home as we guide you to a successful, speedy, and hassle-free purchase and closing.

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