Private Lending

private lending
Private Lending
private lendingAt Last Minute Mortgages, we believe loans should be individualized. Everyone’s situation and needs are unique and so therefore we create tailor-made solutions for all of your financing needs.

Are you:

  • Looking for a more flexible financing plan that conventional banking is unable to offer you?
  • Being declined by banks due to their rigid and overly stringent rules?
  • Needing help to keep up with your existing loan repayment schedule?
  • Being judged for having a bad credit score or low income?
  • Shopping for the best rate and personalized terms for your loan?
  • Simply desiring a short term loan to help complete a business or personal project / endeavor?

Private lenders understand that the guidelines used by the banks and other traditional lending institutions are too strict, and that in many cases banks turn away borrowers who are perfectly capable of paying back their loans and mortgages. Unlike banks, private lenders place a larger focus on the value and condition of the property, instead of simply looking at the borrower’s credit and income.

Private funding also works very well if you need the money for short term, like buying inventory that you plan to be selling in the near future. Private lending can also serve as a bridge of a longer financing plan where you expect your income to go back to normal levels in the near future, and then you can refinance with a conventional loan.
And as a Mortgage Brokerage firm, we are fully licensed and regulated, and thusly, we adhere to high standards; do our due diligence on each of our lenders; and owe 100% fiduciary duty to you.

We pride ourselves on providing the highest level of customer service, finding the right private lender for each situation, and negotiating the lowest fixed rates that we can on behalf of our clients. The result is that we provide you with a full service, top lending solution that will fit your specific and unique needs.

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