Residential Mortgages

residential mortgages
Residential Mortgages


At Last Minute Mortgages, we have devised a straight forward and proven five (5) step process to guide our clients through the entire lending cycle, from preliminary activities all the way to closing:

mortgage discussion

1. Thorough Discussion with a Last Minute Mortgage Broker

In our first meeting together, we will start by listening to your hopes, dreams, and goals regarding the purchase of your new home. Then together, we’ll figure out how much you can afford on a monthly basis and what type of loan arrangement will work best for your unique situation.

mortgage preapproval

2. Preapproval is Obtained

Your personal broker will also work closely with you on the loan preapproval application forms and all preapproval procedures. Please note that pre-approval is not a commitment to lend and is subject to satisfactory loan conditions, including a completed application and property appraisal.

mortgage house appraisal

3. Appraisal of Your New Home

Once you have decided on your new dream home, an appraisal will be performed. An appraisal determines the actual value of the home based on its condition and extensive market analysis. It also ensures that the selling price is fair market value and that the amount being borrowed for the purchase is appropriate.

mortgage underwriting

4. Finalize Underwriting

Our accounting team will then make certain that your financial profile matches the loan requirements. When all the paperwork is in order, a Last Minute Mortgage underwriter will review the final loan documents and signal approval. And with that, the transaction can proceed to closing.

mortgage signature

5. Close at Escrow

Finally, it will be ready to sign all of the related paperwork, including the purchase agreement, loan papers and other documents. With all signatures in place, the loan funds will be transferred, and the title will be recorded with your name on it.

All that’s left to do is to move in!

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