Are You Looking to Refinance Your Home?

If you are thinking about refinancing your home, we can offer you a variety of loan products that offer financing options with lower rates and/or payments than you are currently dealing with. The equity you’ve built up could put money in your pocket with a cash-out refinancing.

Considering whether to refinance depends on a lot of factors. Your answer to “why” may include wanting to lower your payments, shorten your loan term, or possibly tap into your equity to pay off debt or even build a pool in the backyard this summer. Each type of refinancing has nuances that can affect the type of loan program that is right for you.

The other big factors are your current loan status and your existing financial picture. You may have improved your credit score, received a raise, or even gained enough equity in your home to allow for the removal of mortgage insurance.

Whatever your reason is or what your current financial picture looks like, we’re here to help.

We offer a complimentary mortgage checkup to all of our clients. We can take a look at all of the factors and then look at the available options in today’s market and make a recommendation for what makes sense for you. That recommendation may be to sit tight for now, or it might mean you can achieve your goals right away. Either way, Last Minute Mortgages has you covered.

Call now for a free, no obligation assessment of your current situation to see if refinancing is the smart choice for you!

We Offer Private Lending


Are you searching for private lending services that offer a broad range of proficiency in the industry?

As a private money lender in Toronto (and covering all of Ontario), we offer our years of savvy expertise in the local marketplace to each and every one of our clients.

Look no further than Last Minute Mortgages for a seamless borrowing experience. Our team has served a wide array of neighborhoods, communities, residents, and businesses in Ontario for many years. If you are looking for privately funded money loans, you can’t go wrong with our lending services that are fully supported by secure real estate holdings.

Our clients continue to return to our team time and time again for unmatched financial services, trusting in our capabilities to fund loan projects when traditional means are otherwise inaccessible. Please consider one of our various exclusive solutions for your needs as a broker, borrower, or investor.

We provide multiple types of personal & commercial loans to real estate investors, property owners and anyone else in need of fast and flexible funding options. Our competitive rates & fees and excellent customer service are why our clients continue to choose Last Minute Mortgages for their money lending needs.

We offer flexible terms and options, as well as a quick and easy approval process that can be completed within a very reasonable timeframe.

We have built a long and successful track record for funding loans quickly without the headache. Our systematic underwriting approach and customer-first mentality allows our borrowers to move forward on their real estate (and other) transactions with confidence and ease.

Residential & Commercial Mortgage Loans: Come Explore Our Different Options!

At Last Minute Mortgages, our core mission is to create experiences that matter, while serving the financing needs of individuals, families, business owners and communities where we live and work.

Whether you are buying your first home, a new investment property, a commercial property, or building the house of your dreams, our team will empower you with confidence, knowledge and solid expertise, from the loan application all the way through to the final closing.

To other companies, it’s just a loan process. To us, it’s an opportunity to show our clients how seamless the home-buying experience can be. Every interaction with us as individuals and as a company is crafted with you in mind.

Our top priority is to make the loan process as convenient, transparent, and simple as possible. We want you to leave the transaction comfortable that you’ve received all of the information and options necessary to have made the right decision for your financial future.

Let’s Get Started Building A Great Relationship!

Whether you’re purchasing a home, buying a commercial property, looking for private lending, financing a construction project, taking out equity from your home for investment and/or pleasure, or your current mortgage is simply up for renewal – it’s important that you are making an educated buying decision with professional unbiased advice.

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